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Our wellness experts have created programming for the whole family! Children can participate in a variety of programs and activities while parents are taking group exercise classes, using our state-of-the-art equipment, or visiting with our wellness professionals, like our Massage Therapists and Registered Dietitian.

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Group Exercise Classes

Discover true wellness of mind, body and soul with unlimited group exercise classes. From Pilates to boot camp, our classes fit every age and fitness level, including seniors and children. All base-level land and aquatic group exercises are included with your membership.

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  • Suffer from back or neck pain? This may help!

    Do you suffer from chronic back or neck pain? What about problems due to poor posture, high stress or anxiety? If so, the Alexander Technique (AT) may provide just the natural relief you’re looking for…

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  • Fitness Program for People with Disabilities to Expand

    n innovative McLean County private-public partnership to help people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to achieve their health and fitness goals has exceeded expectations, so the program will…

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  • Can tweaking your mindset change your health?

    The mind is a powerful thing with the ability to shape how we perceive the world. But can our perceptions impact our own health? Research into mindset, which is often called “the story we tell ourselves”, suggests that it is definitely possible. Here are a few examples…

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