As a member of Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center, you have access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment, group exercise classes, medically integrated programming and degreed and certified wellness experts. You receive a personalized plan based on your specific needs, which can include recommendations for exercise, nutrition, wellness education and more.

Group Exercise

Discover true wellness of mind, body and soul through the many group exercise classes we offer. From Pilates to boot camp, our classes fit every age and fitness level, including seniors and children. All base-level land and aquatic group exercises are included in membership fees. Click the button below to view our entire class schedule.

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Integrated Medical Programs

Complementary Medicine
We offer multiple complementary medicine programs to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. We will continue to add exciting programs to our offerings so check back for new listings often!
  • Work with highly credentialed staff to work these programs into your routine
  • Complementary Medicine packages available.
  • Reach your long term goals with special programming
Medical Programs
Medical programs are for people who have medical conditions who are looking to improve their current health status and who want to prevent future health problems. We offer a wide variety of medical programs.
  • Be supported and guided by our team of experts to improve your quality of life
  • Prevent and treat medical conditions
Wellness Education
Education is integral to achieving total wellness. Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center’s integrated team of health and wellness experts will offer ongoing medically directed health education and wellness lifestyle programs to ensure you have the support you need to be successful.
  • Research-based education
  • Programs combine exercise, education, and guidance
  • Hands-on demonstrations

Personal Training

Even the most advanced athletes rely on trainers and coaches to help them achieve their goals. Whether you are beginning your fitness journey or looking to take your routine to the next level, we will give you the necessary tools to help make your health and fitness vision a reality. Our degreed and certified personal trainers differ from traditional physical trainers by going beyond standard expectations. While they offer motivation, accountability and safety for members, they also develop a variety of customized workouts to keep you excited about your personalized wellness plan. Meet our expert personal trainers below!

Child Wellness

Our activity-based childcare program will provide a safe, secure, supervised environment for children six weeks through 13 years of age while parents are participating in their programs. Daily activities will promote positive health, safety and nutritional practices through fitness, science, arts and crafts, active games and special projects. Please see our ABC Behavior Policy here.logo ABC

Monday - Thursday: 8 am – 12 pm and 4 pm – 8 pm

Friday and Saturday: 8 am – 12 pm

KickStart Children's Program

We also have an entry-level fitness program, KickStart, that is for children 9 - 13 years old that currently lead sedentary lifestyles. This program is for children who are new to fitness, need to get away from the electronics, and increase their activity levels. For more details and pricing, please click here.