Catherine Porter Executive Director
Katie Grojean Director of Business Development and Marketing
Molly Smeltzer Director of Fitness and Wellness
Matt Frahm Member Service Manager
T.J. Kuster Sports Performance Supervisor
Sarah Sommer Wellness Coordinator and Certified Health Coach
Zoƫ Calio Exercise is Medicine Coordinator
Austin Curtis Performance Academy Coordinator
Nayoka Griffis Member Service Lead
Kelsey Clemons Member Service Associate
Debbie Frank Member Service Associate
Jaymi Nettleton Personal Trainer
Natalie Davis Personal Trainer
Kylee Burcham Personal Trainer
Allie Ploense Personal Trainer
Blake Heinz Fitness Service Supervisor
Jenna Souhrada Personal Trainer
Kristin Hammel Personal Trainer
Malissa Knobloch Massage Therapist
Cindy Termuende Massage Therapist
Steve Gould Maintenance Technician